Data and links

This page contains links to datasets related to my research and teaching, such as weather and load data and test power systems data, or data that may be useful to students. Let me know if links have expired or new datasets are available.

Table of contents

Own datasets

Current weather measurements

Data is available from a weather station located on the roof of the FCLAB building at UTBM in Belfort. The weather station is a Davis Vantage Pro2, equipped with an Ethernet connection and a server running weewx that logs all measurements. Click here to access the real-time data.

Historical weather data

Historical data from the FCLAB weather station is available below. As logging is unreliable (e.g., due to network issues), some data is missing. Wind speed data should also not be considered due to the unsuitable location of the sensor.

Location and link Sampling period Duration Format
Belfort – FCLAB 1 min. 2011-06-05 to 2011-06-08 .txt
Belfort – FCLAB 10 min. 2011-06 to 2012-05 .csv
Belfort – FCLAB 1 min. 2014-11 to 2015-08 .csv
Belfort – FCLAB 1 min. 2015-10 to 2015-12 .csv
Belfort – FCLAB 1 min. 2016-05 to 2016-11 .csv
Belfort – FCLAB 1 min. 2016-12-07 to 2018-09-03 .csv
Belfort – FCLAB 1 min. 2016-12-07 to 2019-06-17 .csv

Building load data

Residential consumption data can be collected using the teleinfo service of Enedis’ electronic meters.

Location and link Sampling period Duration Format
All electric apartment 1 min. 2014-12 to 2015-04 .csv
Fuel-oil-heated house 1 min. 2015-09 to 2015-12 .csv

Datacenter data

Data was collected from UTBM’s datacenter in Belfort, thanks to the DSI service of UTBM.

Location and link Sampling period Duration Format
IT and total load (with cooling) for the entire datacenter room 1 min. 2015 to 2016 .csv
Multiple power measurements 1 min. 2015-05-15 .csv

External datasets

Data bases

Host or author Link
IEEE Big Data Access Working Group Data Sets
ACM – Energy Systems and Informatics Data Sets Datasets

Weather and renewable energy data

Host or author Link
NREL National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB)
NREL National Wind Technology Center – Datasets
EPRI Distributed PV Monitoring and Feeder Analysis
UCSD Solar Resource Web Application
SoDa Solar Radiation Data
NOAA Climate Data Online
Université de Genève Base de données climatiques Solar PV and wind data
PVGIS Data | Solar maps
Australian Government – Bureau of Meteorology About One Minute Solar Data

Power plant data

Host or author Link
World Resources Institute Global Power Plant Database
Engie Renewables Open Data Wind Farm

Residential load data

Host or author Link
CER Smart Metering Project Presentation / Data
EPRI Distributed PV Monitoring and Feeder Analysis
Individual household electric power consumption dataset
Pecan Street DataPort
Virginia Tech Virginia Tech – Appliance data
UMass UMass Trace Repository – Smart dataset
MIT MIT – Reference Energy Disaggregation Dataset (REDD)
Ausgrid Solar home electricity dataPaper

Another list of resources is available in this post by Oliver Parson.

Islanded systems and microgrid data

Host or author Link
IEEE PES SESDC Energy Use Archive
EDF SEI Open Data Corse et Outre-Mer
NREL Microgrid Load and LCOE Modelling Results
NIMS Multiyear microgrid data from a research building in Tsukuba, Japan

Power system data

Location Host or author Link
Europe ENTSOE Transparency platform / Power Statistics
Europe Open Power System Data Data Packages
France Réseaux Energie Open Data
France RTE Tableau de bord / Open Data
France Enedis Open Data
France Enedis Cartographie des réseaux
France Agence ORE Open Data (electricity and gas)
Czech Repubkic OTE Statistics
Denmark Energy data service Market data
U.K. Elexon Electricity data summary
U.K. / France GridWatch National Grid Status
Switzerland SwissGrid Grid data
Belgium Elia Dashboard
Germany TenneT Transparency
Germany 50hertz Grid data
Northern Europe Nord Pool Market data
U.S. (East) PJM Markets and operations
Turkey EPIAS EXIST Transparency Platform
Canada IESO Power Data

Another list of resources is available here from Energypedia / openmod.

Power quality data

Host or author Link
IEEE Working Group on Power Quality Data Analytics Data
DOE/EPRI National Database Repository of Power System Events
UC Riverside Distribution-Level Micro-PMU Data
PSL PCube MapExplanations
TU Dresden PANDA

Renewable energy integration data

Host or author Link
EPRI Distributed PV Monitoring and Feeder Analysis

Data from regulators

Host or author Link
CRE Open Data

Test systems

Transmission and distribution test systems are useful for validating control strategies.
The systems listed below are available either as raw text files (e.g., for use in Matlab) or as models for specific software (e.g., PowerWorld Simulator).

Test systems archives

Host or author Link
University of Washington Power Systems Test Case Archive
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Power Cases
Texas A&M University Electric Grid Test Cases
Energypedia / openmod Transmission network datasets
University of Edinburgh Power Systems Test Case Archive
IEEE PES Distribution Test Feeder Working Group Distribution Test Feeders
IEEE PES Task Force on Benchmark Systems for Stability Controls Benchmark Systems for Small-Signal Stability Analysis and Control
IEEE PES Task Force on Test Systems for Voltage Stability Analysis and Security Assessment Test Systems for Voltage Stability Analysis and Security Assessment
MATPOWER Data / Test systems
BetterGrids Communities and Collections
Iowa State University Iowa Distribution Test System

Specific test systems

Name References
Non-synthetic European low voltage test system [1]
CIGRE Benchmark Microgrid [1]
RTS [1] [2] [3]
RBTS [1] [2] [3]
European Transmission System Model (Bialek) [1]

Costs data

Generation technologies

Name Source
Lazard Levelized Cost of Energy 2017
NREL (U.S.A) Annual Technology Baseline | 2018 ATB Cost and Performance Summary
EIA (U.S.A.) Capital Cost Estimates for Utility Scale Plants
  Construction Cost Data for Electric Generators
  Annual Energy Outlook 2018
OpenEI Transparent Cost Database
IEA / NEA Projected Costs of Generating Electricity – 2015 Edition
OECD / NEA The Full Costs of Electricity Provision (2018)
IRENA Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2017
BEIS (U.K.) Electricity Generation Costs (2016)
ADEME (France) Coûts des énergies renouvelables en France (2016)

Energy storage technologies

Source Name
Lazard Levelized Cost of Storage 2017
IRENA Electricity Storage and Renewables: Costs and Markets to 2030